In examining a number of PLE’s at EdTechPost’s wiki, I found myself relating to a number of creations.  One was Darcy Norman’s people oriented graphic for its bare bones simplicity emphasizing that our professional growth is all about communicating and sharing with others.  And really, isn’t that the truth?  I have learned so much in sharing with others in the CTER program and then I am turning around and pushing that information out to my students and colleagues.  Our own little professional growth cycle. If it weren’t for your willingness to share, I can honestly say that my current PLE would be minimal.  I would hope I’d eventually get to where I am now on my own, but I know it would not be at the rate it has been with your help.


I was also drawn to David Hopkins’ hybrid/abstract design for its visual attraction, but then beyond that, I was craving structure.  Following these two, I noted Christine Lampe’s use and action oriented PLE for including her PLN and depicting her PLE in a circular motion with two way interactions within.  This allowed me to piece together David’s attractive design and Darcy’s simplistic approach making sense of my own PLE/PLN giving way to my very own graphic interpretation.

My PLE is a little of everything focusing on tools for sharing and gathering resources plus taking action in creating projects, while at the same time, keeping a two-way connection open with professionals, colleagues, students, family, and friends.  With my subject matter focused on assisting my students in developing technical skills in graphics, web design, and animations, a great deal of my time is devoted to exploring and becoming comfortable with tools.  My PLE includes organization tools, social media, software and equipment, my job, video outlets, the Internet, and last but not least, I still refer to traditional modes of communication such as documentaries and magazines for ideas and news.  Maybe some of you would label me old school, but I love to look at print for design ideas and examples for my students as well as news specials about technology.  Every January a news channel airs a week of specials and documentaries about the latest technologies/social media.  It acts as a great supplement to my classroom instruction.

I don’t think I can ever really say I am fully happy or satisfied with my current PLE/PLN, as I would hope that I continually reflect and move forward as the world moves forward.  If I accept my PLE/PLN for what it is, I believe I would be doing my students and myself a great disadvantage in guiding them in the development of their own PLE/PLN.  It’s a continuous cycle . . . once I come to a halt in expanding my own PLE/PLN, my students will lose out.  It would be as if I bolted the door shut on them narrowing their scope of opportunities for exploration and knowledge.  Just imagine if every student’s teacher did the same.  It would be solely up to the student and his current PLE/PLN to pave their way to success.

With EPSY 556 being my final CTER course, I’m a little nervous as to how I will manage to continually expand my PLE/PLN.  At the same time, I’m taking the first step in recognizing  that this is not a matter of if I will continue, but rather, how will I continue.  I know it is a must!  It is my responsibility as an educator to continually add elements to my PLE so that I can become an active and vital part of my students PLN.


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